Five Deciding Factors of When to Migrate into Magento 2 (Finally)

Let’s lay some groundwork, “Why should I invest in upgrading? Why add this extra cost? Why is upgrading a priority over other operational initiatives?”

Remember back when you first made that decision to go with Magento? Let’s revisit some of those together here. Magento was built as a flexible platform. This is really its defining feature. Users can create stores with a variety of functions using pre-made extensions or by creating custom solutions. This is the beauty of a platform like Magento and that’s the reason it’s so popular. Not to mention the vast pre-built extendabilities build-in. Do these all sound very familiar to you of why you made the switch to Magento in the first place?

Unfortunately, focusing on flexibility didn’t make it the most user-friendly, high-performing platform. There were important tools missing such as performance optimization, mobile-responsiveness, and admin capabilities. In the past, users would have to go to third-party companies to get essential features.

In addition, there have been many complaints of Magento 1.x running slow (meaning lower sales, conversions and traffic). In response to this, experts have determined what makes Magento sites run faster, but this still couldn’t change the issue of core speed. To address these issues, the Magento team designed an upgraded platform: Magento 2.

Now, Let's talk about is it the right time to Migrate?

Magento 1.x is only supported until 2018.
No new features have been added to Magento 1.x since the release of Magento 2.x (Nov 2015).
You will only compound your debt load by continually patching Magento 1.x. It will continue to be more costly to maintain and enhance in the future if you stick with Magento 1.x. You will continue to drop on sales and conversions.
Developers will now be focused on Magento 2.x extensions, not upgrading or creating Magento 1.x extensions. You will lose perceived relevancy among your customers. reports that there are more than 7715+ Websites already using Magento 2.x. The bugs have been all worked out.
In a Nutshell, “Yes, It’s the right time to Migrate from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x.”

What's that? Did I hear some reservations about making the switch? I am encouraging you now to voice that and let me know!