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How Can Internet Of things Impact Your Business

As you can see, there are several ways that IoT can impact your business. It’s important to carefully consider how you’ll use IoT in your business before making any decisions. Here’s a look at how IoT can impact your business: Improved Customer Service Increased Sales and Revenue by minimizing downtime through predictive failure Reduced Operating

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Why Your Ecommerce Business Is Not Scaling And What We Can Do About It

The United States currently has 2.5 million online retailers. Many consumers now prefer to make their purchases online because of the convenience it provides. Ever since the pandemic hit us, more and more companies have been trying to get into the e-commerce game. With this wide competition, it will be hard to scale your business.

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5 Underutilized Techniques Your Non-profit Can Use Today

These past 2 years were very stressful for non-profit organizations to maintain their fundraising and stabilize their volunteer recruitment. Due to the pandemic, some of the more savvy non-profits have been forced to shift to unconventional methods. Meaning they pivoted from in-person banquets, 5ks, golf outings, and social events to 24-hour online giving contests and

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ABCs of Getting Website Leads Regularly… Really!

If you answer yes to any of these website lead questions, be certain to keep on reading (you’ll thank me later for solving some very personal struggles that you may be having): Does a website obligate you to purchase? A website is a “safe place” for customers, right? A website is just information for research

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SEO – Silent Electronic Opportunity

In today’s industry, the majority of businesses spend thousands of dollars on digital marketing, ensuring that their brands, services, and products appear at the top of search engine results. Let’s face it, not all of us have that much money to spend on advertising efforts.  Here’s where organic search comes into play. Organic search refers

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