About Us

Engineers who truly are innovators along side Digital Marketers--Exacting Results the First Time Around!

Top 5% of US Talent

Hiring folks that communicate, show compassion, are excited, don't have a chip on their shoulder, and are happy are difficult to find. We have that team and it makes all the difference.

Technology and Marketing Focused

Technology developed in a silo is foolish. Connecting with real folks, finding out if technology will indeed help (testing that), and figuring out how to get folks to use it, again and again, are all critical alongside the well-executed technological invention (the development of the website/app/etc). Hense, Technology paired tightly with Marketing.

Exceptional Service Every Time

Messing-up even once is devastating. We established a process that gives the highest results repeatable. Other have had success. You will too.

Meet The Team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Jonathan Francis
Business Development / Owner

Starting at the first call with Francis Ventures, you will speak with Jon. He's built a team capable of building the vision, defining it, and then executing it. Building the right team is difficult and takes time. 20 years of personal experience (with 40+ enterprise level projects completed) can be yours with just a single call.


When you ask for a professional looking app/website/design, this is the guy who makes it professional visually.

Lead Application Developer

Troy's desk is where the action happens. He makes your project come to life. Specializes in Angular, React, React Native, D3 Applications.

SEO Strategist and Lead Writter

When you want someone to take action on your site, he is the strategist that gets the job done through the written word.

Technical Support

General email, local computer issues are all funnelled through Jared.

Initial Steps

  • 1

    1. Planning, Discovery & Strategy Development

    We need to be briefed on your invention to include the right people at the right time. To understand your timeline, budget, and to align expectations.

  • 2

    2. Napkin Sketches of Each Screen/Page

    At some point to continue in meaningful discussions of your invention, we need to sketch out the idea. This will give the first semi-interactive screen-by-screen demonstration of your invention.

  • 3

    3. Hi-Fidelity Designs & Prototype

    Take hi-fidelity designs to your investors/decision makers. Get feedback from users and the community. Test out your hypothesis. This give confidence and display careful and methodical thought to investors.

  • 4

    4. Begin the Engineering of the MVP

    Once we have validated the hypothesis, then we can take the invention to the next level. Building a minimally viable product. This further proves the core concept is actually viable.

  • 5

    5. Continue Towards Extending Functionality and Scaling

    Once the MVP has been proven, move to extending the product and scaling it to a greater audience and user base.

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