5 Underutilized Techniques Your Non-profit Can Use Today

These past 2 years were very stressful for non-profit organizations to maintain their fundraising and stabilize their volunteer recruitment. Due to the pandemic, some of the more savvy non-profits have been forced to shift to unconventional methods. Meaning they pivoted from in-person banquets, 5ks, golf outings, and social events to 24-hour online giving contests and various other methods to keep their momentum.  Moreover, The pandemic caused some volunteers, donors, and companies to pause and take extra caution because their confidence was eroded by the political and viral unrest.


2022 is a new start for almost everyone

Obstacles that Nonprofits Encounter
Modern problems require modern solutions. Back then, non-profits could easily go through telephone numbers, do house-to-house recruitment, or post a giant ad on the road. Is it enough, though? Today’s process of things relies on the internet and software. Here are some ways to leverage your non-profit in the area of digitalization.

Most non-profits would struggle in terms of volume and cash flow. There is already a considerable number of nonprofits working around, and they have already built credibility and were able to deliver results. Hence, people would prefer organizations that are already established and have proven effective in providing services.

5 Ways to Leverage Non-profit
There aren’t any secrets to building a successful non-profit group. But there are some things that owners tend to miss out on. Adapting to the trend is essential in keeping up with different organizations and communities. Thus, here are some quick tips on how you can start leveraging your non-profits in underutilized ways.

Showcase your members. People are always drawn to people. By introducing who your members are, donors and volunteer prospects will become familiar with your people, making it easier for the organization to establish connections and open up new funding and recruiting doors.

The ability to host online events such as community gatherings shows that you can pull off your process on the digital platform. Today’s online community gatherings are more convenient and systemic, and the best part is that they have a broader reach for future donors and volunteers.

Maximize your online presence by optimizing your websites and social media pages. The way to do this is by posting your demographic information,
progress, reports, and testimonials for people to see. The modern advertisement works around the internet, and you should include putting up your pages and information online in your arsenal. It is easier for prospect donors and volunteers to track you down, relate to your cause, and communicate with you if you have established a solid footing online.

You can also give a solid foothold for prospects if you have constant updates on what your organization is up to. You are putting yourself on firm ground by giving them a glance at your videos, testimonials, and feedback. Share your stories in whatever way possible.

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. These are the mediums we have today that could help organizations build a stable volunteer base. By being active in these sites (as mentioned above), you can position yourself in a better spot where the people you need can see you.

Setting your expectations and goals will help you determine which people you want to engage with. There is a staggering amount of people who want to immerse themselves in non-profit organizations, but by setting up the descriptions of your goals, you will be able to filter out which set of people will work best with you.

This can be done by setting up your branding. Animal lovers are highly likely to join animal welfare nonprofits. People who survived diseases like lung cancer have greater chances of joining nonprofits that work on battling against cigarette smoking. Set these standards and filter out the right people to create a more stable donor base and more effective volunteer recruitment.


Non-profit organizations are clear examples of the existence of faith in humanity. The solidarity of one’s group to go out to their communities and make changes are essential. Many people may have not yet realized its importance, but for those who experienced great struggles and those who try to make ends meet each day, non-profits are found to be very effective and helpful. As the era of the internet strides, these organizations should also have their way to keep up with the pace. May it be with the traditional or modern approach, every technique should be considered and analyzed. That way, we will be able to determine which works well. People should also be reminded that nonprofits are non-profits for a reason… That is to set an example and be the change they want to be in the community.